Art is an essential part of the spectrum of human experience. Books like Brave New World and 1984 have had more impact on human thinking than all scientific publications combined. The artistic materials below prove that the issue of privacy has started to enter the international art scene.

Many people find privacy a heavy subject. To take a more light-hearted view at things, Privacy First is pleased to show you a photograph…
Without us realizing it, we are being filmed and photographed by dozens of surveillance cameras on a daily basis. But who are the people…
The art project ‘© Google Privacy’ by Dutch artist Sofie Groot Dengerink will be on exhibit in the Municipal Museum of The Hague from 10 July…
'The customer is king.' But does this saying also apply when during shopping you are completely screened and profiled by cameras, databases and Radio Frequency…
For a unique work of art there is no need to look any further than your own fingerprint. This is exactly what the Canadian…

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