On March 5, 2012, Adriaan Bos presented his exciting debut novel Advocaat van de waarheid ('Advocate of the Truth') at Van Doorne Lawyers in Amsterdam. More about the book can be found HERE (in Dutch). Below are the translated text and a Dutch video of the speech that Privacy First chairman Bas Filippini held for this occasion: "We are a foundation, we proceed from donors and with that money we deliver action. That's actually a new form of action: business action - I come from the industry - and if necessary we can also take legal action. Mainly against the Dutch government: the government which should be protecting our privacy, but which at this moment is in fact the biggest violator of privacy that you can imagine.…
‘The security delusion, the surveillance State and the deterioration of civil rights’ is the telling subtitle of the book The Assault on Liberty ('Angriff auf die Freiheit'). This book by the literary authors Ilija Trojanow and Juli Zeh was published in Germany in 2009 and has been the cause of a lot of discussion there. Since the end of 2010, Privacy First is the proud owner of a signed Dutch copy of the book: Aanslag op de vrijheid. The Dutch translation (made possible by the Amsterdam Goethe-Institute) reads like a long indictment against the human rights aberrations of the current age. An indictment against the irrational post-9/11 period in which hard-fought civil rights have to be fought for again. A period in…

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