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Advisory Board

The Advisory Board of the Privacy First Foundation consists of the following persons, in their personal capacity:

- Hans Franken (Professor emeritus of Information Law, Leiden University)

- Quirine Eijkman (Vice Chairman of the Netherlands Institute for Human Rights & Lecturer in Access to Justice, Utrecht University of Applied Sciences)

- Wilmar Hendriks (Privacy professional & Executive coach, Control Privacy)

- Eva de Leede (Senior policy officer in the field of Energy, Dutch Ministry of Economic Affairs and Climate Policy)

- Joris Sprakel (Lawyer in the field of socio-economic human rights, Fischer Groep & Lecturer in Human Rights Law, The Hague University of Applied Sciences).

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Wednesday, 25 July 2018 21:27


The Board of the Privacy First Foundation consists of the following persons:

- Ancilla van de Leest (chairwoman)

- Paul Korremans (treasurer)

- Marc Smits (secretary).

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Tuesday, 03 July 2018 11:58

Privacy First Annual Report 2017

The Privacy First Foundation hereby publishes its 2017 annual report: click HEREpdf to download the pdf version. In our annual report you can read all about our main activities in 2017, including our court cases, our lobbying and our public events. Despite the recent renewal of European privacy law by the entry into force of the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), the right to privacy in 2018 is under greater pressure than ever. A powerful organization like Privacy First therefore remains crucial and your support as a donor is indispensable. Click HERE to become a financial supporter of Privacy First!

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Monday, 03 July 2017 16:09

Privacy First Annual Report 2016

The Privacy First Foundation hereby publishes its 2016 annual report (PDF filepdf), in which you can read everything about our main activities in 2016, including our court cases, our lobbying and our public events. The Privacy First organization currently finds itself in an important growth phase. As the significance of adequate privacy protection in our information society becomes ever greater and more urgent, the importance of a strong and powerful organization like Privacy First continues to rise correspondingly. Your support as a donor is and remains indispensable! Please consider becoming a Privacy First donor!

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Tuesday, 28 February 2017 12:38

Esther Gruppen, Political advisor

Esther Gruppen, Political advisor

Esther Gruppen studied Political Science at Radboud University Nijmegen. During her Master’s specialization she developed a keen interest in themes such as technology, civil rights and ethics. Against this background she now contributes to Privacy First as a political advisor, researching and reporting on the political side of privacy issues.

Major technological advances involve many opportunities and possibilities, but also challenges concerning civil rights like privacy. Esther is aware of the increased power of companies and governments due to the use of ‘Big Data’. The challenge for the legislative branch is to deal with this power in a responsible way in order to ensure everyone’s personal freedom.

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Wednesday, 15 June 2016 18:07

Privacy First Annual Report 2015

The Privacy First Foundation presents its 2015 Annual Report: click HERE to download the pdf version. In this report, you will read everything about Privacy First’s daily fight to preserve and promote everyone’s right to privacy. To be able to continue this fight, our organization largely depends on individual donors. The more donors, the more effectively Privacy First can operate by way of political lobbying, targeted actions, campaigns, public events and lawsuits. Click HERE to become a donor of Privacy First!

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Privacy First Annual Report 2014

It is Privacy First’s established policy to focus its attention primarily on (impending) privacy violations that (can) hit large groups of people at once. Selecting our themes, we are guided by 1) the scale, 2) the seriousness and 3) the possible impact and consequences of a certain violation. Privacy First prioritizes and publicly identifies mass violations of a grave nature. It then tries to make an end to the violation by means of quiet diplomacy and political lobbying, a public campaign, legal action or – as a last resort – a lawsuit. Click HERE to read all about our activities in our annual report 2014! (pdf)

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Privacy First Annual Report 2013

Privacy constitutes the basis of our democratic constitutional State. However, of all human rights in the Netherlands, the right to privacy finds itself under the most pressure. This observation was the reason for Privacy First to be founded in March 2009. Ever since, retaining and reinforcing everyone's right to privacy is what the Privacy First Foundation has been striving for on a daily basis. Partly due to the efforts of Privacy First, in recent years large scale privacy violations have either been brought to a halt or have been prevented, privacy awareness in Dutch society has increased and ever more privacy friendly initiatives see the light of day. Think of the discontinuation of the central storage of fingerprints under the Dutch Passport Act, the introduction of Dutch ID cards without fingerprints, compulsory Privacy Impact Assessments and 'privacy by design' as part of new Dutch legislation. In 2013 this positive turn-around continued. However, there have been less positive developments as well. We are keen to elucidate this for you in our pdfannual report 2013.

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Martijn van der Veen, Project leader

Martijn van der Veen, Project leader

Martijn van der Veen fullfills a project management role within Privacy First. Before, he fullfilled a pioneering role by raising Privacy First Solutions. With this initiative the Foundation aimed to address the business market. Martijn is the founder and owner of Procis, a network organization and consultancy firm specialized in privacy issues, ranging from Privacy Impact Assessments (PIAs) to the implementation of organizational changes. Having studied Public Administration at the University of Twente, throughout his career he has been active within civil society organizations and has worked on projects for the Dutch police, the Dutch Ministry of Security and Justice and other governments, both at national as well as municipal level.

Today, the handling of personal data and the integrity of information processing are among the bigger challenges faced by organizations and governments. In Martijn's vision it is possible to both achieve (policy) goals as well as to safeguard privacy. By committing himself to Privacy First as our project leader, he contributes to the necessary checks & balances within a democratic constitutional State.

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Saturday, 08 June 2013 21:23

Privacy First Annual Report 2012

Preserving freedom and privacy in the Netherlands has been Privacy First's mission since its founding in 2009. In our annual report of 2011 we outlined a positive change that has been ongoing since that time (despite resistance): privacy climbs ever higher on the social and political agenda. Whereas the attention reserved for privacy in the media increases, the privacy-awareness of citizens equally augments. In the meantime Privacy First has conquered a strong position in the Netherlands. Privacy becomes mainstream. Privacy is the new green! We are keen to elucidate this for you in our pdfannual report 2012!

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