Building the Big Brother networks

Wednesday, 20 October 2010
"Smart meter" by Trilliant "Smart meter" by Trilliant

The meters, grids and networks for a Big Brother society are not developed or placed by one organisation.

It is the economic impetus that inadvertently builds all the ingredients needed for a centrally controlled electronic society.

Here is an example of the way the thought processes run. When found, more will be added.

It is good practice to know the way the winds blow and heed them.

As soon as someone says you should give up your right to self-determination ‘‘for your own good’’, all alarm bells should set off.

‘‘We are here for your own good’’, ‘‘we work for your security’’ and all that jazz, and then they immediately entirely wipe out YOUR privacy. Now that’s the primary distinguishing mark of Big Brother.

Within the European Union there’s a research program called the 7th Framework Programme (FP7) which receives € 51 billion of funding.

It’s a beautiful research program of which pro-privacy programs such as PrimeLife are a part.

However, the EU is just as well working on Big Brother-like grids such as INDECT, a surveillance system for all online traffic. Now even the European Parliament has noted that something is going on.

In November 2010 it was found out, through insufficiently censored documents that the Dutch Ministry of the Interior had released, that apart from telephone data Dutch judicial authorities now also want to cluster and examine all bank details of citizens, on the same principle that was already used for telephone data tapping. Click HERE for more information about this.    

The essence of the objections against Big Brother-like practices is that citizens are forced to completely adapt to certain standards that are being imposed on them by strangers – who don’t impose those standards on themselves! These standards are then evaluated on the basis of vague criteria in order for everyone to no longer be able to be him or herself. Instead, everyone has to fit into a mould determined by the authorities. Take, for example, Mao’s reign of terror with his Little Red Book, the Cultural Revolution and the Mao uniform. Or think of the film Das Leben der Anderen. In that way rulers are instantly able to see who’s trying to escape their rulership. There are other people who outline this in more politically correct terms. See this article in The Telegraph of 19 September 2009: ‘‘EU funding ‘Orwellian’ artificial intelligence plan to monitor public for "abnormal behaviour’’. Download a pdf-version of the article pdfhere.
Trilliant’s area networks from houses to energy producer, download the pdfWhite Paper here. Trilliant is a big player in the smart grid business in the USA.

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