The general philosophy of the Fair Information Principles 1. Notice/Awareness The most fundamental principle is notice. Consumers should be given notice of an entity's information practices before any personal information is collected from them. Without notice, a consumer cannot make an informed decision as to whether and to what extent to disclose personal information. Moreover, three of the other principles discussed below -- choice/consent, access/participation, and enforcement/redress -- are only meaningful when a consumer has notice of an entity's policies, and his or her rights with respect thereto. While the scope and content of notice will depend on the entity's substantive information practices, notice of some or all of the following have been recognized as essential to ensuring that consumers…

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Saturday, 29 August 2009 Philosophy
Privacy First takes a professional and evidence-based approach to the various issues. The preservation of liberty in the private sphere can be perfectly combined with rapidly changing societal and technological developments. If any organization, company, government or leading individual does not respect the right to privacy, the Privacy First Foundation will immediately take informative, political or legal action. You can help us to take action through sponsorships, donations or deposits on our Dutch bank account: IBAN NL95ABNA0495527521 (BIC: ABNANL2A). Click HERE for further details.

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