Like art and literature, music can be instrumental in raising people's privacy awareness. This section therefore presents music about privacy and privacy related issues. A relevant article can be read HERE.

"Once in a while Two people meet Seemingly for no reason They just pass on the street" (Video inspired by British television series The Avengers.)
"Can I take this for granted With your eyes over me? In this place This wintery home I know there's always someone in (...)…
"Better put your hands up and get in the van, Or else you'll get blown away! Stagin' a coup like yeah, Brainwashin' moles like…
"Well I won't back down No I won't back down You can stand me up at the gates of hell But I won't back…
"Don't want a chip in my mother a chip in my wife I don't want a chip in my babies Stay out of my…
"A fatal attraction is holding me fast, How can I escape this irresistible grasp? (...) A soul in tension -- that's learning to fly…
"A little piece of you The little peace in me Will die For this is not America"
"We are programmed just to do  anything you want us to  we are the robots"
(Remix voice sample: astronaut Yuri Gagarin.)
"I can make anybody go to prison Just because I don't like'em and I can do anything with no permission I have it all…
"Up here in space I'm looking down on you My lasers trace Everything you do You think you've private lives Think nothing of the…
"After the first and the second world wars You'd think us Europeans couldn't take it no more But we built up and tore down…
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